Stump Grinding Tree Stump Removal Services

stump-removal.pngWhether you need a large scale stump removal, or if you are finding a smaller one difficult to manoeuvre, our stump grinding professionals can reclaim the land where the stump once stood for you. ARC Tree Surgery are based in Mendlesham, Suffolk, allowing our stump grinding and removal services easy access to much of East Anglia, including villages along the A140 to Norwich, across country through Wetheringsett, Debenham and beyond, up and down the A14 including Bury Bury St Edmunds, Stowmarket, Needham Market and Ipswich, and down the A12 to Colchester and beyond.

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Stump Grinding – How We Work
Using a range of specialist machinery, varying in size depending on the size of your stump, the access to it, and how deep the stump goes, we literally grind out your stump, chipping it away. We can work in a wide range of gardens / commercial properties including those with uneven ground or where access is difficult such as via narrow gateways. If required, we may also use winches to pull root balls out of the ground.

Our stump grinding and removal service can also reconstruct the ground level to match the surrounding area. We are well versed in excavating around obstacles such as gas mains pipework, and electricity and telecoms cables and all chippings will be removed for you when you choose ARC Tree Surgery.

We provide stump grinding and removal services to domestic and commercial clients throughout Suffolk and East Anglia.

It is no problem for our stump grinding professionals to remove trees of any size. If your tree has a preservation order on it or if it is in a conservation area, we can help you to apply to the relevant council for permission to remove trees that have outgrown their local environment or which are causing problems/damage to your property.

We offer an alternative to stump removal which is to treat stumps with our highly effective and environmentally safe eco-plugs which encourage the decomposition of the stump and prevent regrowth.

If you need a reliable local stump removal company to ensure fast, efficient and tidy stump grinding service, anywhere in the Ipswich, Stowmarket, Bury St Edmunds or Colchester areas, please find out more or get a quote on 01449 722795 today.

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