Bamboo Control or Removal


As experienced tree surgeons who are based near Bury St Edmunds, we are also experts when it comes to bamboo control and removal as part of our range of tree pruning services.

Bamboo is an attractive ornamental garden plant that can become invasive and spread out of control. Bamboo shoots may pop up anywhere in your garden, creep into neighbours’ gardens, under paths and patios. Ground covering fabrics used to suppress weeds present no barrier to bamboo.

bamboo-before.png bamboo-after.png

There are two main types; running bamboos which spread by underground stems called rhizomes and clump forming bamboos which do not tend to spread as much though they too can grow out of control. To eradicate invasive plants, they can either be dug out or treated with the appropriate herbicides. When digging, care needs to be taken to locate all the rhizomes and to remove all the debris from the site.

To control the growth of your specimen plant it is recommended to provide a physical barrier to the roots and rhizomes, about 1m deep and protruding 8cms above ground to prevent arching stems breaching the barrier.

We would be pleased to provide a free quotation for your bamboo problem.

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