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Garden Design and Landscaping

Do you want to change the look of your garden? If so, ARC Tree Surgery are the experts in all types of garden design and garden landscaping in Bury St Edmunds, Elmswell, Stowmarket, Needham Market and throughout Suffolk. We can design the garden you want, including everything from trees (and any tree pruning) to hedging and hard landscaping features such as paths and patios, all laid out in perfect harmony.

There are so many reasons to change your garden. Perhaps you feel that the existing design doesn’t express your personality, or the garden was created by a previous owner of the house and feels outdated. Or the current design may be too time-consuming for your busy lifestyle.

Garden design is not just for homeowners if you are a business with an outdoor space - you might want to create a striking impression and help to convey the right message to prospective customers or guests.

The Design Process

At ARC Tree Surgery we help you to think about the type of garden design you want. We offer advice on what types of plants and trees will suit your garden shape, size and soil best. We can then make plans and drawing designs to inspire you and to get the best garden possible. All designs will be tailored to your tastes and preferences.

Whatever size your garden is, we can customise the new design with modern or traditional landscaping features, considering factors such as the sun’s direction, and whether your garden is flat or runs up or down a hill. All these elements will come together to create a wonderful space for you to enjoy and relax all year round.

Elements of Your Garden Design

When designing a new landscape, you will want to bring together all the essentials necessary for the perfect outdoor space. Things to consider range from situating the patio, and pathways to deciding on raised beds in areas of poor drainage. If you are a keen gardener, who likes to grow lots of flowers, we can incorporate hanging baskets in sunny spots with shrubs providing interest around the borders.

Water features have become increasingly popular and you can decide to have a pergola, or gazebos near the built-in barbeque, or some other type of wooden structure for a place to enjoy your leisure time in. Your garden could feature an archway leading to your rose garden or decking where you can relax with sun loungers. We can help you put together the elements to build your dream garden.

A new lawn is often key to a landscape, and ARC provide an expert garden turfing service for our customers in Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds and across Suffolk. Plants and flowers are also essential to the design and we can help you choose the ones you want, including annuals and shrubs. Whether you would like raised beds or some containers around your patio, or you fancy a low maintenance garden which is easy to keep in prime condition, we will discuss all your requirements before starting work.

Using ARC means you will be offered a full service with a great team who know how to design a one-off garden. We can advise on keeping existing features and recycling. ARC’s service is cost-effective because we are able to get discounts on both plants and materials.

Contact Arc Tree Surgery for a free estimate for our design and landscape service and help and advice on creating your dream garden.

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