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Tree Surgery Services Across Ipswich & Throughout Suffolk

As expert tree surgeons we can offer a range of tree surgery services in Ipswich, Stowmarket and the surrounding area. Services include tree felling, pruning, shaping and more. We have many years of experience in the industry and our tree surgeons are fully qualified, professional and friendly. Below is a list and brief description of the range of tree surgery services we can offer.

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Pruning your trees would normally be done yearly, this is typically carried out in March and April on fruit trees, later on in late Autumn for broadleaf trees such oaks, beech and chestnut. We remove dead and overgrown branches or new shoots, encouraging healthy new growth and keeping your trees in shape.


As experts when it comes to tree surgery in Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich and across Suffolk, we know that sometimes trees need to be removed due to them becoming dangerous or too large for their surroundings. We are fully qualified to fell any size tree using the appropriate felling techniques. We have lots of experience felling sizeable trees in all weather conditions. Often trees will become windblown and will fall into each other after heavy snow, rain and wind. We are qualified to remove such hazardous trees using winches, cranes and platforms.

Sectional Felling/ Dismantling

Felling trees in one whole section is often very dangerous, or impossible due to obstacles such as conservatories and greenhouses/ fences nearby or underneath. In this instance we would dismantle the tree in small manageable-size pieces which we can then lower to the ground on ropes and pulleys, preventing damage to property underneath or underground services such as gas mains or underground powerlines. When access allows, we would use a MEWP mobile elevated work platform to make the job as safe as possible. This is often impossible due to access issue in which we would climb the tree using appropriate rope and harness techniques.


Unmanaged trees often grow out of shape and need reshaping to allow even healthy growth and a longer life for the tree. We have many years’ experience and confidence in our ability to shape trees well. When carrying out our tree surgery work, we will listen to what you would like to see in the tree and carry out the work to your specifications, we have had to shape and reshape some incredible hedges and trees.

Crown/ Canopy Reductions

As beautiful as they are, trees often grow too large and need reducing. We pride ourselves in our ability to reduce any tree correctly cutting the branches to healthy growth points (smaller branches). This process is the only way to prolong the life of the tree and to prevent it becoming prone to storm damage because it has grown too large. We are qualified to carry out such operations leaving neat tidy cuts on the tree.


Fast growing trees and some others need pollarding. Pollarding the tree means removing all the main canopy of the tree and leaving a pole like frame for the trees young shoots to regrow evenly. This process allows the tree to be maintained by regrowth and re-pollarding every few years. Some trees will not allow the crown to be reduced but will live healthier by being pollarded.


Our tree surgeons are experienced in coppicing hazel and willow woodland, and are also experts in regenerating elm hedgerows after the Dutch Elm Disease wiped out thousands of our native trees. We remove the dead wood contaminated with the beetles leaving the area free to regrow and reform young healthy hedges on farming or woodland.

tree surgeons in ipswich carrying our tree crown reduction

Crown/ Canopy Lifting

We can carefully raise the height of your trees canopy by selectively removing some of the branches. This is often needed for trees overhanging driveways or head room to make lawnmowing easier.


Deadwood in trees can be very dangerous and unpredictable. Without warning it can fall and cause damage to persons or property. Our tree surgeons are experts at removing dangerous branches from any height. We can also carry out deadwood surveys on trees near public areas.

At times deadwood can be great habitat and encourages insect life which in turn encourages birds etc. into your garden. We can climb, check and survey and advise you accordingly.

Disease Diagnosis, Treatment

Disease in trees can take many different forms, from obvious fungal problems such as large ear looking shaped honey fungus in Beech tree trunks, to Coral red spot in Sycamores. Some diseases will cause the root system to fault allowing the tree to become unstable.

We can also survey for the other not so obvious problems in trees such as incurred bark or structural defects. We can survey for root ball movement and subsidence problems caused by roots.

We will then advise you and provide detailed reports on any tree health problem.

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