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As experts when it comes to garden landscaping in Ipswich, we know that a beautiful lawn is at the heart of any garden, whether traditional or modern. Lush grass provides a perfect area which can be enjoyed for many years. But laying turf is not as easy as it sounds, so to get optimum results the solution is to call in a turfing service. ARC Tree Surgery are experts in all things related to garden turfing in the Stowmarket, Needham Market and Elmswell areas.

A perfect lawn will always add value to your house, as this provides an easy to maintain garden for the buyer. However, a neat and tidy lawn is not just something for the home; commercial premises, small businesses, pubs and clubs all have need of an outdoor area that offers guests somewhere to sit and relax. An attractive lawn can offer this and is easy to keep, with a small amount of maintenance.

When and How to Lay Turf

When laying turf in the garden, it is important to prepare the ground beforehand, as this will impact the health of the lawn. Make sure you remove any debris and use a turf cutter to remove any old remnants of old grass. Then using a shovel or rotary system turn over the soil to a depth of approximately 15cm.

It is advisable to add a good layer of topsoil and fertiliser to the ground. When this has been completed the ground needs to be flattened, by either walking on the soil or using a light roller or rotavator to make it level, before carefully re-laying turf on top of the level ground.

When you are ready to lay your new lawn, it is best undertaken during mid-autumn, when the ground is not yet frozen or too wet. A lawn can be laid at any time of the year but laying during autumn gives the lawn time to settle in during winter when there is very little growth, allowing the lawn to establish a good root system. If you miss this opportunity, then it is advisable to wait until any frost has past and lay it in early springtime. The first few days of a newly laid turf lawn are crucial, so it is best to stay off the grass just for a short time.

Aftercare for Your New Turf

Once the turfing has been completed, give it a thorough watering, and then leave for as long as possible until using it. New turf can be mowed after two weeks of being laid; and if you lay the turf during the summer months then it is very important to remember to keep it well watered. A neglected lawn can easily get ruined if care is not taken.

Click here to contact ARC Tree Surgery. We can advise you over garden turfing, provide quality turfing suited to the soil and conditions and carry out the turfing, as well as advising on maintenance to keep your lawn healthy and happy for many years. We provide garden landscaping services across Suffolk and East Anglia, in areas including Ipswich, Stowmarket, Elmswell, Needham Market, Debenham and Bury St Edmunds.

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