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Hedge Cutting and Topiary

As experts in garden maintenance in Bury St Edmunds, we know that hedge cutting and shaping are essential to keep your garden looking good. Whether you want to plant a whole new hedge, enjoy a topiary display as a garden showpiece or just keep hedging in trim, Arc Tree Surgery based near Stowmarket has all the expertise you need.

Hedging provides many benefits, from boosting security to providing a natural border and encouraging wildlife and birds to your garden. However, if your hedge is neglected, these benefits soon disappear, and it can go from being a beautiful backdrop for your garden to an eyesore. To get the best from your hedge, if it does get out of hand it is a good idea to call in an expert. ARC Tree Surgery has been providing high-quality hedge cutting and reshaping services in Stowmarket, Needham Market and many other locations in Suffolk for many years.

Advantages of Hedging

In a modern garden, hedging is a great alternative to fencing, and with so many types of hedging there will be one which is perfect for you. Although hedging requires a certain amount of attention, this is less than a wall or fence, which will need constant repairs over time due to it being outside in the elements all year round. A hedge can be longer-lasting and more cost-effective than walls, while a spiky bush will provide security protection against burglars.

If you want to bring your own style to your garden, then topiary is the most fun you can have with a hedge! From small squares to large precision cut animals, the possibilities are endless.

Planting and Tending Hedges

In and around Stowmarket, Needham Market and Elmswell, the type of soil is generally quite loamy with clay. Factors to consider when choosing a hedge include which type of hedging will do best in this soil, which time of year to plant it, how to tend a new hedge so that it grows well and how to keep it in trim once it has grown.

A new hedge can take a few years to establish, so aftercare and nurturing are needed. Various problems can arise, but an expert gardening service can keep an eye on these and treat any problems early on.

Cutting and Shaping

Hedges need to be pruned and trimmed twice a year, in spring and autumn, or there is the possibility of them overgrowing, which can then eat into the size of your garden and become unsightly. We can advise you on of the amount of hedge cutting required. To keep them at their best, hedges are best cared for by someone who is familiar with each of them and can help you to keep yours in perfect condition for many years.

If your hedge has become an eyesore, all is not lost, as a hard prune, mulching and feeding to promote new growth can help. We can advise you on any problems and help to treat them early.

If you like the idea of a topiary garden, ARC Tree Surgery can turn this into a reality for you. We have over 12 years’ experience working for some of the most prestigious houses in east Suffolk and in 2016 we created a topiary cloud effect hedge near to Orford Castle.

Commercial Hedge Maintenance

Commercial properties and industrial estates often have hedging which needs to be maintained. At ARC, we are experts in shaping up shrubs, small ornamental trees and hedging. Our comprehensive service also includes picking up litter and debris which gets trapped in hedging, making it easier to keep a clean site. A lot of companies suffer from debris being thrown over hedges, and where this happens we can clear the site for you.

For help and advice on planting, cutting and maintaining hedges and all other types of garden landscaping, contact Arc Tree Surgery.

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