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Garden Services | Garden Design & Landscaping

When it comes to choosing garden services, whether you need garden design, landscaping, or help with clearance, it’s good to know that you have the support of a company that really understands how gardens and the plants and features within them work. Based in Mendlesham, Suffolk, we are centrally placed to offer landscaping, garden design, hedge cutting and reshaping, pond cleaning and garden maintenance services to customers in Stowmarket, Needham Market and Ipswich, as well as in Debenham, Thornham and Wetheringsett, through Haughley and Elmswell to Bury St Edmunds and right through to Colchester and beyond.

As experts when it comes to garden landscaping in and around Ipswich, at ARC Tree Surgery we have the understanding, experience and expertise in a wide range of garden landscaping services. This allows you to focus your time and energy on other priorities, safe in the knowledge that your garden is being treated sympathetically and in line with your requirements. You won’t need to worry about whether you have the right tools for the job, you won’t need to be concerned about physical wear and tear and you won’t need to think about what to do with all the waste – we'll take care of that for you.

Garden Design / Landscaping

If you’d like to change the look of your garden, whether you know just what you want or not, our landscaping and garden design services can save you time and offer you a fully professional finish.

Our design service can include creating raised beds, planting trees and hedges, turfing and erecting fencing. We also have specialist knowledge of plants and their growing preferences. So, whether you have south facing gardens or a shady courtyard, we can help you choose the right flowers and shrubs to complete your chosen look. And of course, as regular customers ourselves, we are able to get substantial discounts on materials and plants needed for any of our garden design, landscaping or general garden services work.

Hedge Cutting and Maintenance

Whether you’d like an elaborate topiary or a simple trim to improve health and growth, our hedge cutting service can help you. With an eye for detail and highly creative thought, our hedge cutting, reshaping and maintenance services can craft your boundaries, topiary and ornamental bushes to match your home, your garden, and your personal style.

Pond Cleaning

Ensuring the health and safety of your fish, regular maintenance of your pond is essential to keep water clear of algae. Most ponds need a complete clean out every four to five years, maintaining the correct balance of plants, fish, and filtration. From small ponds to large water features, we provide an effective pond cleaning service without endangering your fish or plants.

Garden Clearance

Whether you haven’t had the time to tend to your garden, if you have just moved into a home with a jungle that needs taming, or if you are a landlord needing to tidy up a garden prior to letting your property, our garden clearance service is for you. And as specialists in garden design and landscaping, we can also advise you on assets to your garden that you may wish to retain.

Garden Maintenance Services Suffolk - wherever you are in Suffolk and surrounding areas, including Stowmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Colchester, Ipswich, Mendlesham, and Needham Market, please do contact us and find out more about the garden maintenance services on offer from ARC.

To find out more or to get a quote call us on 01449 722795 today.

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